BBR, WPRA & Bonus Race Qualifier 4D Jackpot in Saturday Open 4D                    
                  Race Sponsored by: Triangle Cross LLC                      
Paying to  6 placings, Jackpot Total = $  7615.00, Rider count = 189         
     1D Time = 15.157, Placings = 18, Pool = $ 2565.25                       
     2D Time = 15.657, Placings = 51, Pool = $ 2234.50                       
     3D Time = 16.157, Placings = 44, Pool = $ 1573.00                       
     4D Time = 16.657, Placings = 48, Pool = $ 1242.25                       
                     Not Placed = 28                                         
                               1D Placings                                   
   1st 15.157 $743.92         Rylea Platts on Frenchman Fever   BONUS RACE QUALIFIER             
   2nd 15.327 $615.66         Amelia McCumber on FlashlightIrishAzure    BONUS RACE QUALIFIER     
   3rd 15.386 $487.40         Robyn Herring on Unconquered Fame   BONUS RACE QUALIFIER            
   4th 15.435 $359.14         Wendy Platts on FrenchmansBitofLuck            
   5th 15.439 $230.87         Wendy Platts on JW Frenchmanicure              
   6th 15.457 $128.26         Kyle Leleux on Streakin Otoe Girl              
   7th 15.476                 Robyn Herring on Demanding Fame                
   8th 15.493                 Debbie Pate on CreditTheFireFighter            
   9th 15.524                 Samantha Flannery on Iknow Sheknows Iknow      
  10th 15.530                 Becky Maune on Thunder Mountain                
  11th 15.546                 Samantha Flannery on Tippin It Guys Way        
  12th 15.567                 Luke Robinson on Dashin On The Blitz           
  13th 15.569                 Jamie Molesworth on JKR Dashs Fast Start       
  14th 15.570                 Andre Coelho on Shezadis Daisy                 
Tie    15.570                 Deb Christy on Streakin Senor Dash             
  16th 15.595                 Jimi Hurlbut on Dash Ta High Fortune           
  17th 15.628                 Joy Wargo on JW Freeze Fame                    
  18th 15.635                 Delvin Buhr on DHR Cash N The Fire             
                               2D Placings                                   
   1st 15.681 $648.01         Payton Gorwill on Just Junior   BONUS RACE QUALIFIER                
   2nd 15.702 $536.28         Kent Magnuson on Winnawaddacash   BONUS RACE QUALIFIER              
   3rd 15.713 $424.56         Sue Smith on Dashs Centerfold   BONUS RACE QUALIFIER                
   4th 15.725 $312.83         Hilary Van Gerpen on Three Tymes A Lady        
   5th 15.726 $201.10         Marty Leach on The Perfect Devil               
   6th 15.727 $111.73         Stacy Dysart on Royal Quick Colours            
   7th 15.753                 Rose Hildebrandt on BHR Speedy Frost           
   8th 15.755                 Samantha Flannery on FL Get Your Game On       
   9th 15.779                 Jennilee Thompson on French Corona Starz       
  10th 15.801                 Sequin Brewer on Howdy Bar Light               
  11th 15.802                 Jamie Molesworth on JKR Dash With Royalty      
  12th 15.808                 Luke Robinson on Willows Fame                  
  13th 15.810                 Jordan Swan on Storms A Shakin                 
  14th 15.820                 Mika Drews on Aimless Eddie                    
  15th 15.824                 Brooke Buhr on DHR Miss Power Perks            
6:32 AM 08/29/16       Barrel Race America, Version 12.6               Page 2   
                       BBR 4D Jackpot in Saturday Open 4D                    
                  Race Sponsored by: Triangle Cross LLC                      
  16th 15.839         568     Virginia Evans on Povertys Lucky Seven         
  17th 15.859                 Jenna Rolland on Chiefs Blue Bar               
  18th 15.879                 Kati Jacobs on Mulberry Ta Fame                
  19th 15.893                 Debbie Pate on Count Duke Firem Jet            
  20th 15.926                 Sonya Walz on Famous Rare Pie                  
  21st 15.930                 Cristi Copsey Gaffney on Tontos Rovin Bars     
  22nd 15.931                 Kieley Walz on Firefighters Lineage            
  23rd 15.940                 Angie Hoss on Frosted Eyes                     
Tie    15.940                 Becky Larson on Wholetdacatout                 
  25th 15.941                 Sydney Schleich on Runnin Ricochet Bar         
  26th 15.945         287     June Holeman on Go Deck The Holly              
  27th 15.947                 Andre Coelho on French Fly                     
  28th 15.967                 Stacey Hansen on DHR Pacs Easy Perks           
  29th 15.976                 Teresa McCormick on Bams Lisa 2006             
  30th 15.978                 Chris Gibson on Jess Dashin Together           
  31st 16.002                 Taylor Hildreth on Shake Ems Hayday            
  32nd 16.014                 Teresa McCormick on Eau Que Joyful             
  33rd 16.037                 Amy Schimke on Bratzilla                       
  34th 16.040                 Luke Robinson on French Triggerman             
  35th 16.051                 Beth Baxter on Living For Danjur               
  36th 16.062                 Melinda Voorhies on JM Smoothfull Ofcash       
  37th 16.065                 Rylea Platts on JW Guyd Ta Fame                
  38th 16.071                 Glenn Stodart on Dozen Flippin Gears           
  39th 16.082                 Morgan Shepard on Miss Smokin OLena            
  40th 16.086                 Jerry Schnacker on Oh Boy Who Dat              
  41st 16.089                 Tara Spatz on Oscar                            
Tie    16.089                 Kelley Haythorn on Streak Em Nick Bar          
  43rd 16.095                 Cheryl Kennedy on Famous Chance                
Tie    16.095                 Chris Gibson on Miss Safechoice                
  45th 16.100                 Cheryl Wallace on JMS Frenchbug                
  46th 16.112                 Sydney Schleich on Searchin For Chrome         
  47th 16.115                 Tammy Arnold on South Dakota Shortie           
  48th 16.116                 Stacey Hansen on DHR Last Chance Dash          
  49th 16.120                 Sandy Hickey on Osages Fuel To Fame            
  50th 16.150                 Andre Coelho on Famous Grasshopper             
  51st 16.154                 Pat Little Soldier on JRs On The Money         
                               3D Placings                                   
   1st 16.160 $456.17         Sonya Walz on InsaneForBrookstone   BONUS RACE QUALIFIER            
   2nd 16.164 $377.52         Kent Magnuson on Snazzy Jet Red   BONUS RACE QUALIFIER              
   3rd 16.175 $298.87         Jerry Schnacker on Oh What A Slug Bug   BONUS RACE QUALIFIER        
   4th 16.185 $220.22         June Holeman on Ladys Love Intent              
   5th 16.202 $141.57         Brooke Steinhauer on Ima French Wrangler       
   6th 16.207 $ 78.65         Sonya Walz on Playing Firefighter              
   7th 16.208                 Virginia Evans on Povertys Jet Boy             
   8th 16.213                 Morgan Shepard on Babe                         
   9th 16.217                 Tammie Swanson on Triangle 4 Dually            
  10th 16.219                 Jade Crago on CM Nitros Slingshot              
6:32 AM 08/29/16       Barrel Race America, Version 12.6               Page 3   
                       BBR 4D Jackpot in Saturday Open 4D                    
                  Race Sponsored by: Triangle Cross LLC                      
Tie    16.219                 Shawna Blanka on Paddys Mayday                 
  12th 16.243                 Jami Pfertsh on Legacy Cord                    
  13th 16.251                 Felesha Snider on Heart Of An Injun            
  14th 16.253                 Jade Crago on Fireback Cash*                   
  15th 16.269                 Shawna Blanka on Sailing With Effort           
  16th 16.290                 Tiana Yocam on Glorys Midnight Run             
  17th 16.293                 Sonya Walz on I Rock This Game                 
  18th 16.297                 Nancy Rudeen on Lenas Commander                
  19th 16.303                 Felesha Snider on Frostbidden Leo              
  20th 16.341                 Jeanette Johnson on The Surreal Thing          
  21st 16.343                 Bethany Gabel on Yankees Easy Jet              
  22nd 16.344                 Kieley Walz on Little Dual Badger              
  23rd 16.348                 Sidney Chapple on Sixs Trick Poney             
  24th 16.372                 Rose Hildebrandt on CM Nurse Nick Bar          
  25th 16.373                 Rachel Schmitz on CM Ima Sweet Flyer           
  26th 16.382                 Kent Magnuson on Penny Czech                   
  27th 16.384                 Clint Milliman on MQH Frosted Drift            
  28th 16.388                 Jeanette Meissinger on Bar Ques Zip            
  29th 16.393                 Sandy Hickey on PC Pepdo                       
  30th 16.423                 Susan Jensen on Just Another Biankus           
  31st 16.436                 Jessica Milliman on Hemis Thunder              
  32nd 16.511                 Andre Coelho on Famous Flirt                   
  33rd 16.513                 Nancy Rudeen on Skip The Ticket                
  34th 16.534                 Vicky Lynn Brown on Smashin Annie              
  35th 16.540                 Audriana Hicks on KN Fabulous Win              
  36th 16.544                 Hilary Van Gerpen on Fancy Perks Alive         
  37th 16.551                 Jerry Schnacker on Oh Whatta X Factor          
  38th 16.552                 Cathy Brooks on TJO Bullys Legacy              
  39th 16.556                 Pat Little Soldier on Famous Boston Party      
  40th 16.576                 Jami Pfertsh on Weavers Frosty Penny           
  41st 16.577                 Luke Robinson on SO French Sticks              
  42nd 16.605                 Susan Jensen on Shocker                        
  43rd 16.628                 Valerie Elliott on Buddy                       
  44th 16.629                 Neva Reichenberg on Scotty                     
                               4D Placings                                   
   1st 16.667 $360.25         April Harms on Dash Top Brass  BONUS RACE QUALIFIER                
   2nd 16.694 $298.14         Jessica Milliman on Tijo (NR)   BONUS RACE QUALIFIER               
   3rd 16.701 $236.03         Luke Robinson on LJR Famous Ed   BONUS RACE QUALIFIER              
   4th 16.703 $173.92         Loaire See on Frenchman Easterbug              
   5th 16.709 $111.80         Kacie Arnold on Cherry Bomb                    
   6th 16.715 $ 62.11         Hailey Hudson on JJM Sunny Sassy Love          
   7th 16.728                 Brooke Steinhauer on Turnin Tess               
   8th 16.749                 Claire Cooksley on My Lady Driftwood           
   9th 16.756                 Teena Davisson on Buckskin Bob Hancock         
  10th 16.761                 Rylan Swanson on Long Legs                     
  11th 16.806                 Angela Marietta on Latte (NR)                  
  12th 16.875                 Nancy Molzahn on Bugs Showgirl                 
6:32 AM 08/29/16       Barrel Race America, Version 12.6               Page 4   
                       BBR 4D Jackpot in Saturday Open 4D                    
                  Race Sponsored by: Triangle Cross LLC                      
  13th 16.961                 Mary Smith on YU Special Luna                  
  14th 16.967                 Diane Phillps on Frenchman Bell                
  15th 16.976                 Cheryl Kennedy on J Quick Fame                 
  16th 16.996                 Carolyn Degnan on Blue                         
  17th 17.026                 Jacky Roesener on One Cool Bullseye            
  18th 17.071                 Cassie Wasko on Smart Vision                   
  19th 17.086                 Vicky Lynn Brown on Joes Scratch               
  20th 17.129                 Ashley Wells on Bugs Royal Bash                
  21st 17.219                 Jamie Molesworth on Jack The Money  BONUS RACE QUALIFIER            
  22nd 17.231                 Jordan Swan on DC Peptomento Olive    BONUS RACE QUALIFIER          
  23rd 17.252                 Dixie Kuehl on Elle  BONUS RACE QUALIFIER                           
  24th 17.289                 Bethany Gabel on Honors Amazing Grace          
  25th 17.306                 Jade Crago on Sixth Gear                       
  26th 17.404                 Cassie Sundstrom on Watta Silver King          
  27th 17.409                 Alexandria Beard on Plenty Mr. Hurricane       
  28th 17.447                 Dianne Kugler on Bugs River Ghost              
  29th 17.516                 Diane Phillps on Whitewater Lacey              
  30th 17.517                 Jenna Rolland on Stylish Sans                  
  31st 17.520                 Sandy Hickey on Breezin Pretty                 
  32nd 17.642                 Rose Hildebrandt on Flashlights Streaker       
  33rd 17.726                 Shelby Hubbert on Erban                        
  34th 17.743                 Carla Honeymann on Gracie                      
  35th 17.856                 Faith Storer on Brat NR                        
  36th 18.021                 Jade Crago on Smooth Bubblin Bling             
  37th 18.193                 Kalli VanRyswyk on One Twisted Talent          
  38th 18.225                 Morgan Shepard on Sunny                        
  39th 18.862                 Cacee Cox on SR Diamond Blue                 
  40th 20.473                 Roma Ward on Famous Cash Advance               
  41st 20.780         4949    Stephanie David on Termight                    
  42nd 20.808                 Corenne Duba on Emerson Biggins                
  43rd 20.850                 Sydney Schleich on Smiley Chic                 
  44th 21.209                 Amelia McCumber on Gettin Ziggy With It        
  45th 22.213                 Pat Little Soldier on Buggin Perky             
  46th 22.712                 Taylor Hildreth on French Rich N Famous        
  47th 22.865                 Wendy Keef on Potentially Cool                 
  48th 22.975                 Stacy Dysart on No Lion Cees Famous            
N/T    400.000                Jentry Jenkins on OSU Harlans Pride            
N/T    400.000                Cheryl Wallace on Pacific Frostman             
SCR    400.000                Cristi Copsey Gaffney on Marthas Six Shooter   
N/T    400.000                Gayle White on CBC Fria Rocket                 
N/T    400.000                D'Ann Gehlsen on LE Blue Streak                
N/T    415.540                Kyle Leleux on Buckneigked                     
N/T    415.654                Taylor Hildreth on JKT Driftin To Love         
N/T    415.694                Deb Schroetlin on Chocs Snazzy Sis             
N/T    415.698                Felesha Snider on I Am Bigger                  
N/T    415.929                Jacky Roesener on Faded Fling                  
N/T    415.992                Cacee Cox on Hoot N Memories                   
N/T    416.063                Nancy Molzahn on Watch Me Play Ray             
6:32 AM 08/29/16       Barrel Race America, Version 12.6               Page 5   
                       BBR 4D Jackpot in Saturday Open 4D                    
                  Race Sponsored by: Triangle Cross LLC                      
N/T    416.239                Garrett Harms on MFR Cashes Empress            
N/T    416.544                Renato Coelho on Frenchmans Shorty             
N/T    416.602                Donnie Stokes on Which Fame                    
N/T    416.649                Reagan Gestenslager on Wolf Dancing            
N/T    416.728                Jeanette Meissinger on TJs Flashy Spot         
N/T    417.148                Rylan Swanson on Struck Again                  
N/T    417.168                Kalli VanRyswyk on Hot French Feature          
N/T    417.685                Maddie Gestenslager on Petes Money Girl        
N/T    417.693                Robin Bennett on Pepped Up Indian              
N/T    417.790                Carmen Miller on Patsy                         
N/T    417.989                Samantha VonHeeder on Cougar                   
N/T    418.029                Robin Bennett on Famous Gucchi                 
N/T    418.494                June Holeman on CR Collins Triple           
N/T    420.189                Jamie Gorwill on Dual N Cards                  
N/T    421.175                Cindy Stewart on FCS Youbetimrare              
N/T    421.398                April Harms on Glow On Hon