Sun Open 4D                      
                  	      1D Placings                                   
   1st 15.255 $608.49         Patty Finney on French Bugs Tu                 
   2nd 15.321 $503.58         Kelli Reichmuth on DHR Cheetah Bug             
   3rd 15.354 $398.67         Gayle White on Whatta Boys Angel               
   4th 15.424 $293.76         Katie Loughran on Streakinflash Grey           
   5th 15.460 $188.84         Bonnie Baughman on VF Rock Grinder             
   6th 15.509 $104.91         Kelli Reichmuth on DHR Perks Baby Bugs         
   7th 15.555                 Samantha Flannery on Keep Pedaling             
   8th 15.575                 Becky Larson on Wholetdacatout                 
   9th 15.592                 Kelly Forell on Cowboys Ginnin 851             
  10th 15.613                 Nicole Henry on Streetz Of Gold                
  11th 15.620                 Sabrina Ketcham on Swiss Merlot                
  12th 15.633                 Samantha Flannery on UX Smooth Stevi           
  13th 15.635                 Cassie Meyer on Quick Okey Effort              
  14th 15.640                 Katie Hickey on Roany Frost                    
  15th 15.646                 Kate Spaur DeVore on Bring It On Spice         
  16th 15.690                 Cassy Woodward on Royals On Firewater          
  17th 15.695                 Hope Blackmore on Flingin Frost                
  18th 15.711                 Hallie Fulton on Simmer Down Judge             
  19th 15.721                 Susan Bouleware on Famous High Fashion         
  20th 15.722                 Annie Hasselbalch on Palena                    
  21st 15.724                 Patty Jons on Fury Of The Sun                  
  22nd 15.731                 Kelli Reichmuth on Streakin Flashlight         
  23rd 15.745                 Carrie Sutton on Bordeaux Dream                
  24th 15.747                 Debbie Pate on CreditTheFireFighter            
                               2D Placings                                   
   1st 15.786 $521.56         Deb Schroetlin on Chocs Snazzy Sis             
   2nd 15.789 $431.64         Lauren Strough on Dineros Spare Change         
   3rd 15.806 $341.72         Kent Magnuson on Snazzy Jet Red                
   4th 15.830 $206.83         Kent Magnuson on Penny Czech                   
Tie    15.830 $206.83         Hallie Fulton on Boons French Stars            
   6th 15.832 $ 89.93         Jenna Cox on Axe Handle Sadie                  
   7th 15.833                 Abby Wilson on DHR Whatta Miss Flit            
   8th 15.839                 Sydney Schleich on BLC Wimpys Lil Whiz         
   9th 15.841                 Rodney Grote on Whynot Guys Like Pie           
  10th 15.851                 Jeanette Johnson on SR Blazin Catalena         
  11th 15.858                 Dixie Engelke on Elle                          
  12th 15.865                 Nancy Molzahn on Watch Me Play Ray             
  13th 15.866                 Lana Brown on Blazin Leader                    
  14th 15.871                 Melanie Luark on Coronas Lil Dynamite          
  15th 15.913                 Carson Jurgens on Fine Little Summa            
  16th 15.922                 Carrie Sutton on Flashin Reward                
  17th 15.933                 Sheyanne Long on PC Casha Nova                 
  18th 15.937                 Jenna Cox on Frost N Run                       
  19th 15.950                 Cheryl Wallace on Frostmans Houdini            
  20th 15.965                 Rose Hildebrandt on SL Little Teddy Bear       
  21st 15.966                 Cheyenne Kems on This Chicks Pistol            
  22nd 16.002                 Brooklyn Spencer on Frenchmans Hot Line        
  23rd 16.029                 Arika Starr on Jett                            
  24th 16.041                 D'Ann Gehlsen on BHR Super Dash                
  25th 16.064                 Charity Medill on Fols Rockette                
  26th 16.065                 Isabella Budzinski on Iris Garvelso            
  27th 16.068                 Sydney Schleich on Famous Queen Olena          
  28th 16.069                 Jenna Cox on Splash NR                         
  29th 16.080                 Suzanne Cromwell on Seis La Vie                
  30th 16.082                 Piper Scott on Wheely Famous                   
  31st 16.089                 Jacey Jensen on WPH Shawnee's Image            
  32nd 16.093                 Lauren Strough on Sunny C Windy Anna           
  33rd 16.097                 Nikki Kennedy on WB BlurryAfterSixpak          
  34th 16.098                 Marci Bartlett on VF Gold Digger               
  35th 16.101                 Deb Schroetlin on RGR Aire Force               
  36th 16.112                 Christy Hefley on Model X                      
  37th 16.134                 Martha Rushton on Fidget                       
  38th 16.140                 Kate Howland on JA Fancy Citisun               
  39th 16.142                 Valerie Elliott on Murray                      
  40th 16.148                 Katrina Webster on Ms Streakin Socks           
Tie    16.148                 Sandy Harms on This Guys Jettin                
  42nd 16.194                 Alyssa Wilberger on Two Eyed Electrified       
  43rd 16.229                 Sabrina Ketcham on Write Ta Fame               
  44th 16.237                 Suzie Wahlgren on DHR Oh Boy Okie              
  45th 16.242                 Cindy Jons on Triple Boot Scoot                
                               3D Placings                                   
   1st 16.262 $347.71         Patty Finney on Jess The Best                  
   2nd 16.300 $287.76         Kent Magnuson on Fire Water Whiskey            
   3rd 16.312 $227.81         Kindi Kirchenschlager on Mud                   
   4th 16.313 $167.86         Beth Baxter on French Streaktoreno             
   5th 16.331 $107.91         Elsa Snider on Doc Diamond Jil                 
   6th 16.345 $ 59.95         Nancy Molzahn on Sweet And Genuine             
   7th 16.353                 Vickie Schwindt on BB Jerrys Whittle Wagon     
   8th 16.360                 Korrina Hughes on Flingin Dynamite             
   9th 16.372                 Kasey Etbauer on Diasti                        
  10th 16.376                 Haley Coble on CBC Frio Rocket                 
  11th 16.396                 Mika Drews on Steal The Moonlight              
  12th 16.406                 Toni Bristow on AP Babe                        
  13th 16.410                 Shelly Kirby on WR French Pharoah              
  14th 16.444                 Kloe Sramek on Royal Speed                     
  15th 16.462                 Shawna Blanka on Sailing With Effort           
  16th 16.505                 Sandee Rutt on Down Home Fast                  
  17th 16.520                 Melanie Luark on Streakin Moonbeam             
  18th 16.545                 Nancy Smith on Comprende Jet                   
  19th 16.546                 Diane Phillps on JA Laughing Cline             
  20th 16.547                 Wendy Cole on Frosted Wood Cash                
  21st 16.559                 Kasey Etbauer on East River Guy                
  22nd 16.572                 Clint Milliman on MQH Frosted Drift            
  23rd 16.598                 Kelly Forell on BB King Adios                  
  24th 16.605                 Shawna Blanka on Paddys Mayday                 
  25th 16.648                 Cathy Brooks on Coats Frenchmans Jet           
  26th 16.731                 Jessica Milliman on Hemis Thunder              
  27th 16.742                 Tammy Kirchenschlager on Lenny (NR)            
  28th 16.748                 Peggy Alva on Eyealittlebit                    
                               4D Placings                                   
   1st 16.830 $260.78         Angela Marietta on Latte (NR)                  
   2nd 16.888 $215.82         Sydnie Snider on AmigosSpinNGinnyPenny         
   3rd 16.908 $170.86         Dianne Kugler on Wanta Lotta Cash              
   4th 16.997 $125.90         Samantha Flannery on TLS Can U Clarifydat      
   5th 17.101 $ 80.93         Diane Phillps on Frenchman Bell                
   6th 17.107 $ 44.96         Zoey Boos on Chinook (NR)                      
   7th 17.133                 Mika Drews on Lady Mystique Streak             
   8th 17.209                 Cassie Miller on Smart Vision                  
   9th 17.297                 Maddie Macfee on BXL Silky Wings               
  10th 17.350                 Maggie Underhill on Bugs Showgirl              
  11th 17.400                 Clint Milliman on Frost Em Easy                
  12th 17.490                 Shelby Sprabery on Reds The One                
  13th 17.492                 Afton Snider on BulliesAreForGirlies           
  14th 17.539                 Marisa Kapala on Ambrose Bikini Queen          
  15th 17.580                 Helen Jurjens on Apollos First Fit             
  16th 17.613                 Dianne Kugler on Bugs River Ghost              
  17th 17.654                 Shanan Doherty on Sneakin Like A Lion          
  18th 17.667                 Carrie Sutton on CEK Red Rocket                
  19th 17.723                 Sonya Atkins on Tiger Leo on Fire              
  20th 17.846                 Samantha Flannery on FL Fergilicious           
  21st 17.868                 Joyce Peters on JPMyManbugEatsBarrels          
  22nd 17.878                 Haley Reed on Boomer                           
  23rd 17.897                 Joyce Peters on JP ImaHotshotTucker            
  24th 18.106                 Mikayla Krieyer on Stormy                      
  25th 20.654                 Cheryl Wallace on Not Jess Any Guy             
  26th 20.968                 Samantha Flannery on Minnie Time               
  27th 21.352                 Cristi Copsey Gaffney on Aint Seen Maples Yet  
  28th 21.431                 Brandi Crowe on BC Sheza Blazin Fame.          
  29th 22.003                 Shanan Doherty on Come A Runnin Boys           
  30th 22.214                 Bonnie Baughman on Firsts R Sweet              
  31st 24.405                 Korrina Hughes on Gems StreakToVegas           
  32nd 26.917                 Katie Loughran on Triple Vodka On Rox          
SCR    400.000                Cathy Brooks on Grande Beleza                  
N/T    400.000                Cheryl Wallace on JMS Frenchbug                
N/T    400.000                Brenda Delano on French Osceola                
N/T    400.000                Suzie Wahlgren on DHR Boy Whatta Flyer         
N/T    400.000                Gimmie Jo Jansonius on Dr                      
N/T    400.000                Susan Swanson on Barts Valentine               
N/T    400.000                Susan Hall on Livin The Legacy                 
N/T    400.000                Jordan Sanders on Flashlights Badge            
N/T    400.000                Rose Hildebrandt on Im Explosive               
N/T    400.000                Jaycee Wooters on VF Born Ta Glory             
N/T    415.614                Haley Coble on Triggers Fancy Boy              
N/T    415.808                Kate Spaur DeVore on Stuckincolderweather      
N/T    415.940                Becky Maune on Flyin Famous                    
N/T    415.944                Patty Finney on Streakin Starlight             
N/T    415.946                Cassie Meyer on IWillWorkMyMagicOnU            
N/T    416.010                Karen Dailey on Twisted Fuzz                   
N/T    416.302                Maggie Underhill on ItsAllAboutFirewater       
N/T    416.334                Carson Jurgens on Kona                         
N/T    416.397                Tawni Salzbrenner on Rocket Fol                
N/T    416.516                Kylie Wagner on June                           
N/T    416.538                Valerie Elliott on Buddy                       
N/T    416.546                Jessica Milliman on Tijo (NR)                  
N/T    416.794                Jacey Jensen on Smarty Shawnee Bug             
N/T    416.855                Alyssa Wilberger on Just Lion A Lil            
N/T    416.863                Sonya Atkins on AMR One Firey Chic             
N/T    417.304                Angela Marietta on Ima Classy Devon            
N/T    417.799                Melinda Ely on Digger's Dash For Gin           
N/T    420.218                Wendy Keef on Wrangler (NR)