Sat WPRA SP           Race Sponsored by: CHAFFHAYE                          
                               1D Placings                                   
   1st 15.231 $294.36         Patty Finney on French Bugs Tu                 
   2nd 15.382 $240.84         Debbie Pate on CreditTheFireFighter            
   3rd 15.476 $178.40         Becky Maune on Flyin Famous                    
   4th 15.594 $115.96         Gayle White on Whatta Boys Angel               
   5th 15.694 $ 62.44         Annie Hasselbalch on Palena                    
   6th 15.719                 Cheryl Wallace on Not Jess Any Guy             
   7th 15.751                 Katie Loughran on Streakinflash Grey           
   8th 15.753                 Korrina Hughes on Gems StreakToVegas           
   9th 15.766                 Patty Finney on Streakin Starlight             
  10th 15.777                 Jessica Wykert on Cinchy Frenchman             
  11th 15.800                 Bonnie Baughman on VF Rock Grinder             
  12th 15.944                 Becky Larson on Wholetdacatout                 
  13th 15.980                 Carrie Sutton on Flashin Reward                
  14th 16.242                 Jenna Rolland on Dashin On The Blitz           
  15th 16.311                 Jenna Rolland on Chiefs Blue Bar               
  16th 38.714                 Christy Hefley on Model X                      
N/T    400.000                Sandy Hickey on Breezin Pretty                 
N/T    415.263                Kelli Reichmuth on DHR Cheetah Bug             
N/T    415.472                Sabrina Ketcham on Swiss Merlot                
N/T    415.863                Carrie Sutton on Bordeaux Dream                
N/T    416.263                Patty Jons on Fury Of The Sun                  
N/T    417.272                Carrie Sutton on CEK Red Rocket