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The Triangle Cross Classic Futurity will be governed by our committee and their decisions will be FINAL.  We reserve the right to refuse entry to any horse or individual.


1.      The Triangle Cross Classic will be held August 24-26, 2018 at the Kiplinger Arena, Red Willow County Fairgrounds, 1412 West 5th Street, McCook, NE 69001. 


2.     The Futurity is open to horses foaled in 2013 or after.  Horses must not have reached the age of six by the time of the futurity.  All Futurity entrants must be checked in and numbered prior to competing.


3.     To be eligible for the futurity, the horse must never have competed in ANY barrel racing prior to December 1, 2017.  To do so means to forfeit any and all fees paid and elimination from the futurity.  Horses may have competed ANYWHERE after December 1, 2017.  Horses may have been entered in other events.


4.     Owners may enter more than one horse.  The owner does not have to ride his/her own horse.  Either male or female rider is allowed and no age limit to the rider.  Should a nominated horse be sold during the course of the payment period, written authorization from the original owner must be received by Triangle Cross LLC before horse can continue to be paid up.  Mail authorization to:  Triangle Cross LLC, 20778 US Hwy 36, Norton, KS 67654 or authorization may be emailed to debchristy@trianglecross.com .


5.     Substitutions for horses will be allowed due to death, injury or illness of the entered horse with a $25 fee and a copy of the substituted horse’s papers, or vet’s affidavit of year of birth and description. Any substituted horse will be ridden by the originally nominated rider. Substitutions for riders, after August 1, 2017, will be allowed with a $25 fee.


6.     If horse falls, no rerun will be granted.



                Total Futurity Entry Fees will be $295

                $100 to nominate June 1, 2018

                $100 to sustain July 1, 2018

                $ 95 to sustain August 1, 2018.


 Any payments post marked after the due date will be figured LATE and assessed a late fee.  Late fees will be $20 per payment missed in addition to any sustaining late fees still owed.  After August 1, 2018 late fees will be $50.


8.     All checks for entry fees will be made payable to “Triangle Cross LLC” and mailed to Triangle Cross LLC, 20778 US Hwy 36, Norton, KS 67654. Any insufficient fund checks received will automatically require all fees payable by cashier’s check plus $50 per ISF check received.


9.     Entries can also be made online and payments via  credit card/paypal. Email debchristy@trianglecross.com for details.



10.  There will be an office charge which include administration fees, timer fees and starting fees of $95 per entry fee per horse with the balance of $200 being added to the purse.   The division of the purse will be:


                30% to the first Go-Round

                30% to the second Go-Round

                40% to the Fastest Average on the 2 Go-Rounds 


11.   There will be two go-rounds, the first go-round will be run on Saturday, August 25, 2018 and the second go will run in reverse order on Sunday, August 26, 2018


12.  Payout is a straight pay of the Added Purse ($5,000) plus $200 each for all of the fully paid up horses, whether they run or not.  All late fees or drop out horse’s fees will be retained by the producer.


13.   The 2D incentive with $1000 added will be paid out in each go round of the futurity with no additional entry fee a full sec split, equal payout between the two go’s, no average payout, but awards to 2D average winners.


14.  General ground rules and arena riding times will be posted online at www.trianglecross.com and on the Triangle Cross Classic Facebook group and also at the Entry Office by Monday August 20, 2018.


15.  Additional information is available on www.trianglecross.com and on our Facebook group – Triangle Cross Classic.


16.  Stalls & RV hookups are available. See stall and hookup reservation form on the website – can also pay for those online if you enter online.


17.  Full dress code required:  Long sleeved shirts, western hats or helmets and riding shoes or boots must be worn. Photographer on site.  


18.  Any knocked down barrel receives a 5 second penalty.


19.  Futurity entries may carry their times to the Open 4D. Designation and appropriate fees must be secured before first runner of the futurity.


20. All Future Fortunes and Triple Crown 100 monies will be paid directly by the respective organizations. Appropriate entry forms should be completed and submitted to the producer.


21.   WPRA Futurity/Derby horses must have a completed nomination form on file with the WPRA office prior to competing for any points to count with the WPRA.





1.      The Derby is open to any horse that is seven (7) years and under. All Derby entrants must be checked in and numbered prior to competing.


2.      Horses are not allowed to enter the futurity and the derby in the same year.


3.      There will be two go-rounds, first go round on Saturday August 25, 2018, and second go round on Sunday August 26, 2018.  Money paid back in each of the go-rounds and in the two run average.


4.      Entry Fees will be $125.00 of which $25.00 is an administration charge.


5.      Nominations and sustaining fees payable to Triangle Cross LLC, 20778 US Hwy 36, Norton KS 67654.

$50.00 to sustain July 1, 2018 (postmarked by)

$75.00 to sustain August 1, 2018 (postmarked by)


6.       August 10, 2018 is last day to nominate and sustain without penalties. Any payments post marked after the due date will be figured LATE and assessed a late fee of $20.


7.      Futurity Rules & Regulations will apply to the Derby where Triangle Cross Classic and Barrel Futurity Committee deem necessary.



1.      The Pole Bending is open to all ages. Award for fastest futurity age horse – futurity age horses must be checked in and numbered.


2.     Entry fee $45. No late fees.


3.     Payout will be 2D – one & one-half (1 ½) second split. There will be one go-round.  A knocked over pole will result in a no time.

4.    For futurity age horses - Futurity Rules and Regulations will apply to the Pole Bending horses regarding age, competition, etc.


4D OPEN BARRELS   FRI $500 ADDED $40 EF  SAT $750 ADDED $45 EF   SUN $750 ADDED $45 EF

1.    Unless otherwise stated, BBR rules apply.

2.    1/2 split - knocked over barrel is a no time

3.    The same horse cannot be ran twice unless by immediate family member.

4.    If a horse falls, no rerun.

5.    Senior sidepots - 50 Yrs & older - 3D full sec split

6.    Average buckles given for the weekend.

3D YOUTH $125 Added each day $25/day

1.    18 years of age & younger as of 1st of year

2.    Full second split

3.    Youth must run in youth event - no rolling from other events

4.    Average buckles given for the weekend.


1.    3D 1/2 sec split

2.    Open to all

3.    Fastest time ran by horse/rider combo for the weekend rolls into this sidepot

4.    Buckles given for division winners