Triangle Cross Classic Friday Open 4D 
              August 25, 2017                    
                               1D Placings                                   
   1st 15.221 $399.30         Kati Jacobs on Mulberry Ta Fame                
   2nd 15.301 $326.70         Delvin Buhr on DHR Cash N The Fire             
   3rd 15.303 $242.00         Kati Jacobs on Groovee                         
   4th 15.404 $157.30         Patricia Jons on JJ Baby My Fame               
   5th 15.445 $ 84.70         Jessica Wykert on Cinchy Frenchman             
   6th 15.495                 Michelle Alley on Shake The Flame              
   7th 15.506                 Hilary Van Gerpen on Reggies Bully             
   8th 15.615                 Jayde Atkins on Haidas Streakin Star           
   9th 15.632                 Kent Magnuson on Snazzy Jet Red                
  10th 15.661                 Annie Hasselbalch on Palena                    
  11th 15.670                 Kent Magnuson on Penny Czech                   
  12th 15.688                 Angie Hoss on Frosted Eyes                     
  13th 15.693                 Michelle Alley on Fames Lucky Charm            
  14th 15.699                 Cindy Jons on Nitros Fashionfrenzy             
  15th 15.709                 Amy Schimke on Special Nu Occasion             
  16th 15.713                 Suzanne Cromwell on We've Only Ashes           
                               2D Placings                                   
   1st 15.721 $348.15         Megan White on Rare Firefighter                
   2nd 15.723 $284.85         Jenna Rolland on Chiefs Blue Bar               
   3rd 15.767 $211.00         Hilary Van Gerpen on Firin For Bullion         
   4th 15.771 $137.15 FF      Deb Christy on Dashin On The Blitz             
   5th 15.778 $ 73.85         Cindy Jons on Dox Mega Magnolia                
   6th 15.800                 Becky Larson on Wholetdacatout                 
   7th 15.803                 Michelle Alley on VC Famous AndCharmin         
   8th 15.832                 Aimee Montgomery on Florida Fame               
   9th 15.846                 Jessica Wykert on Snappy Frenchman             
  10th 15.864                 Amelia McCumber on FlashlightIrishAzure        
  11th 15.885                 Sonya Walz on Playing Firefighter              
  12th 15.896                 LeAnna Wohlgemuth on Honey Bee Goldseeker      
  13th 15.902                 Luke Robinson on Streakin Senor Dash           
  14th 15.926                 Felesha Snider on Frostbidden Leo              
  15th 15.935                 Kieley Walz on Firefighters Lineage            
  16th 15.945                 Rose Hildebrandt on CM Nurse Nick Bar          
  17th 15.983                 Marci Bartlett on VF Gold Digger               
  18th 15.987                 Deanna Jo Martin on Flit Ali                   
  19th 16.016                 Jacky Roesener on Faded Fling                  
  20th 16.022                 Stacey Hansen on DHR Pacs Easy Perks           
  21st 16.045                 Debbie Pate on Count Duke Firem Jet            
  22nd 16.047                 Beth Baxter on Oh Whatta X Factor              
  23rd 16.048                 Vicky Lynn Brown on Smashin Annie              
  24th 16.072                 Felesha Snider on I Am Bigger                  
  25th 16.077                 Justy Hagen on KPS Ashes Got Bugs              
  26th 16.115                 Tammy Arnold on South Dakota Shortie           
Tie    16.115                 Mary Smith on YU Special Luna                  
  28th 16.118                 Sandy Harms on Frenchmans Humbolt              
  29th 16.130                 Amanda Freese on Sugar Shabang                 
  30th 16.132                 James Bray on Stesons Nip of Bourbon           
  31st 16.183                 D'Ann Gehlsen on LE Blue Streak                
  32nd 16.189                 Toni Shaw on Nick Bar Bullett                  
  33rd 16.196                 Corenne Duba on Emerson Biggins                
  34th 16.205                 Kent Magnuson on Oh Whatta Slug Bug            
  35th 16.212                 Cacee Cox on Flyin Rondo                       
                               3D Placings                                   
   1st 16.260 $245.85         Cassie Miller on Smart Vision                  
   2nd 16.267 $201.15         Susan Swanson on Ladys Tigeraflame             
   3rd 16.269 $149.00         Nancy Molzahn on Bugs Showgirl                 
   4th 16.279 $ 96.85         Cristi Copsey Gaffney on Marthas Six Shooter   
   5th 16.286 $ 52.15         Robin Bennett on Famous Gucchi                 
   6th 16.299                 Michelle Alley on CR Smart Tari Mac            
   7th 16.341                 Cathy Brooks on TJO Bullys Legacy              
   8th 16.355                 Angela Marietta on Latte (NR)                  
   9th 16.366                 Codi Smiley on Classic Frenchman               
  10th 16.377                 Cassie Sundstrom on Watta Silver King          
  11th 16.386                 Addi Bennett on Gadgets Got A Bully            
  12th 16.389                 Rhonda Richardson on Plainly Streakin          
  13th 16.427                 Kelsey Lauenstein on UR Ashes Left Behind      
  14th 16.441                 Luke Robinson on SO French Sticks              
  15th 16.451                 Debbie David on Fols Lighting Bug              
  16th 16.453                 Justy Hagen on Convincing Feeling              
  17th 16.499                 Susan Jensen on Just Another Biankus           
  18th 16.518                 Suzie Wahlgren on DHR Boy Whatta Flyer         
Tie    16.518                 Cathy Brooks on Grande Beleza                  
  20th 16.547                 Rose Hildebrandt on Burnin For Fame            
  21st 16.605                 Karen Turek on Strait Ta Fame                  
  22nd 16.655                 Amanda Lymber on RC Doc John                   
  23rd 16.666                 Sonya Walz on Lois Luvs Firefighters           
  24th 16.714                 Jacky Roesener on One Cool Bullseye            
  25th 16.715                 Clint Milliman on Bar Es Rns Taxi              
                               4D Placings                                   
   1st 16.721 $194.70         Marsha Nelson on Pawn Shop Phame               
   2nd 16.742 $159.30         Sonya Walz on InsaneForBrookstone              
   3rd 16.744 $118.00         Brenda Delano on French Osceola                
   4th 16.758 $ 76.70         Amanda Lymber on Joses French Badger           
   5th 16.780 $ 41.30         Toni Bristow on AP Babe                        
   6th 16.782                 Kloe Sramek on Bell                            
   7th 16.804                 Jessica Milliman on Tijo (NR)                  
   8th 16.807                 Connie Hill on Mr Red Gold Bucks               
   9th 16.939                 Britta Robinson on Bebo (NR)                   
  10th 16.940                 Kieley Walz on This Game Rocks                 
Tie    16.940                 Clint Milliman on MQH Frosted Drift            
  12th 16.955                 Connie Hill on Talking To The Angels           
  13th 16.984                 Jessica Milliman on Hemis Thunder              
  14th 17.054                 Diane Phillps on Frenchman Bell                
  15th 17.171                 Hanna Christner on Peppers Rockin Rodeo        
  16th 17.289                 Becky Larson on Swingin Debut                  
  17th 17.406                 Gimmie Jo Jansonius on Mtns Miss Doc           
  18th 17.456                 Rhonda Richardson on FL Refraction             
  19th 17.497                 Codi Smiley on Perks For A Dashin GT           
  20th 17.511                 Kendi Attteberry on Remy NR                    
  21st 17.649                 Susan Swanson on Setem Up Sassy                
  22nd 17.750                 Susan Swanson on Barts Valentine               
  23rd 17.834                 Chayse Friehe on Bar Ques Zip                  
  24th 18.254                 Kathy Leonard on Twister                       
  25th 18.275                 Jancy Marks on Colonel Ice Man                 
  26th 18.648                 Savannah Rose on Joe Ima Roanie Krul           
  27th 18.708                 McCall Miller on Skipper                       
  28th 18.774                 Megan White on Rushin Ta Be Famous             
N/T    415.597                Rose Hildebrandt on Oh Boy Who Dat             
N/T    415.648                Megan White on One Famous Tornado              
N/T    415.658                Nancy Molzahn on Watch Me Play Ray             
N/T    415.758                Amy Schimke on Frenchmans Moon Dash            
N/T    415.830                Jeanette Johnson on The Surreal Thing          
N/T    416.082                Deb Schroetlin on Chocs Snazzy Sis             
N/T    416.107                Kylie Kinderknecht on Easy Driftin' Cash       
N/T    416.247                James Bray on Chefs Tiny                       
N/T    416.390                Becky Maune on Thunder Mountain                
N/T    416.410                Kindi Kirchenschlager on SSR Rebel Rocket      
N/T    416.585                Kylie Kinderknecht on Belles Silks             
N/T    416.622                Cristi Copsey Gaffney on VC Fuel Fling         
N/T    416.761                Carolyn Degnan on Blue                         
N/T    416.870                Kendi Attteberry on Bartendin Grey Buck        
N/T    416.881                Jeanette Meissinger on TJs Flashy Spot         
N/T    416.960                Nikki Kennedy on WB BlurryAfterSixpak          
N/T    416.987                Toni Bristow on RP Posh Bugs                   
N/T    417.324                Kelsey Lauenstein on Kade MHC                  
N/T    418.792                Calli Harvey on Cantpassthisleader             
N/T    421.203                Wendy Keef on Potentially Cool