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Results for Mar 24-25

Sat Open Sun Open Sr Sidepots WPRA Sidepots Futurity Sidepots Youth  Poles  Fast Time Sidepot

Bonus Race Qualifiers:

1D Jessica Wykert, Katie Hickey, Ginalee Tierney 2D Mekenna Fisher, Amelia McCumber Patty McDonald 3D Becky Carson, Kimberly Eberle, Nancy Rudeen

4D Connie Hill, Clint Milliman, Nancy Rudeen 5D Misti Brown, Deb Christy, Kisha Zieffle





Results for Mar 3-4

Sat Open Sun Open Sr Sidepots Youth Poles  Fast Time Sidepot

Bonus Race Qualifiers:

1D Katie Hickey, Becky Maune; 2D Kristi Steffes, Samantha Flannery; 3D Robin Bennett, Karen Dailey;

4D Dianne Kugler, Sonya Atkins; 5D Carla Honeymann, Masen Maher



Results for Feb 10-11

Sat Open  Sun Open  Sr Sidepots  Youth Poles

Bonus Race Qualifiers:

1D Jessica Wykert 2D Ginalee Tierney 3D Charmane Macomber 4D Angela Shadbolt 5D Sierra Cain

Results for Jan 13-14

Sat Open  Sun Open  Sr Sidepots  Youth  Poles 

Bonus Race Qualifiers:

1D: Ginalee Tierney 2D: Nancy Molzahn 3D: Mallee Jones 4D: Jordan Sanders 5D: Kloe Sramek

Results for Dec 9-10

Sat Open  Sun Open  Sr Sidepots  Youth  Poles  2D Futurity  WPRA

Bonus Race Qualifiers:

1D: Pam Hollenbeck, Jerry Schnacker, June Holeman, Pam Hollenbeck

2D: June Holeman, Mekenna Fisher, Vicky Brown, Teresa McCormick

3D: Sonya Atkins, Raeanna Moss, Clint Milliman, Kate Howland

4D: Deb Cox, Amalia McCumber, Carrie Sutton, Bailey Bell

5D: Loaire See, Danielle King, Susan Swanson, Clint Milliman


Results for Nov 4-5

Sat Open  Sun Open  Sr Sidepots Youth  Poles

Bonus Race Qualifiers:

1D: D'Ann Gehlsen & Katie Hickey; 2D: Justy Hagan & Roma Ward; 3D: Amanda Lymber & Alex Beard

4D: Connie Hill & Carrie Sutton; 5D: Lorie Cline & Lorie Cline

Angie K Hoss was the target time winner. Sat 15.563 Sun 15.564. .001 difference. Angie won a 2 week supply of Synergy courtesy of Matisyn Welsch.



Final Point Standings

(updated March 28, 2017)

Series Point System


   Winners of the Open Winter Series received for 1st - Back On Track Blanket w/Neck wrap; 2nd - Full Set of Back On Track Quick Wraps; 3rd - AQHA Weatherbeeta Fly sheet w/neck wrap; 4th Custom Cowboy Tack Fan Hangar and fan; 5th Custom Cowboy Tack Brief case & Boot Jack; 6th Hay Bag and MVP Products; 7th Oxy-Gen Shirt (compliments of Cristi Copsey-Gaffney) and Jewelry by Dixie Kuehl; 8th MVP Products and Yeti cup w/Triangle Cross Logo.


March 25-26, 2017

Sat 4D  Sun 4D Youth Futurity WPRA Poles

Bonus Race Qualifiers:

1D Jessica Wykert, Lexus Kelsch, Amy Schimke; 2D Deb Schroetlin, Annie Hasselbalch, Teresa McCormick 3D: Virginia Evans, Nikki Kennedy, Taya McMillen,

4D Rose Hildebrandt, Marci Bartlett, Sierra Cain 5D Morgan Eisenmenger, Marci Bartlett, Rose Hildebrandt

March 4-5, 2017

Sat 4D  Sat Youth Poles Sun 4D Sun Youth Fast Time Sidepot

Bonus Race Qualifiers:

1D Shania Macomber, Jimi Hurlbut 2D: Branda Marsh, Mary Smith, 3D: Justy Hagan, Becky Pearson

4D: Renee Ferguson, Ashley Wells 5D: Cathy Brooks, Vicky Lynn Brown

February 11-12, 2017

Sat 4D Sun 4D Fast Time Sidepot 2D Poles 3D Youth

Bonus Race Qualifiers

1D  Bonnie Baughman Becky Maune 2D Katie Hickey Morgan Shepard 3D Neva Reichenberg Karen Dailey 4D Rachel Schmitz Kalli VanRyswyk 5D Amber Gonzales Kelsey L Parker Lauenstein

January race canceled due to weather...

Dec 10-11, 2016

Sat 4D Sun 4D  WPRA Sidepots 2DFuturity Sidepots 3D Youth 2D Poles

Bonus Race Qualifiers:

1D Samantha Flannery, Annie Hasselbalch; 2D Jami Pfertsh, Samantha Flannery; 3D Nikki Kennedy, Justy Hagan; 4D Rachel Schmitz Kloe Sramek; 5D Danielle King; Cassie Sundstrom

Nov 5-6, 2016

Saturday Open 4D  Sunday Open 4D  WPRA 3D Youth 2D Poles

Bonus Race Qualifiers:

 1D: Jessica Wykert, Bo Hill; 2D: Teresa Mccormick Matisyn Welsch; 3D: Bo Hill Patricia Raymond Finney; 4D: Diane Phillips Valarie Schneider 5D: Vicky Brown Susan Swanson







March 26 Open 4D   2D Futurity Sidepot  WPRA Permit Sidepot  Youth 3D

Bonus Race Qualifiers Saturday:

1D Bo Hill, Cacee Cox, Teresa McCormick; 2D Teresa McCormick, Michelle Stobbe, Kasey Etbauer ; 3D Susan Swanson, Morgan Shephard, Colton Sides;

4D Connie Hill, Nancy Molzahn, Jeanette Meissinger; 5D Wendy Keef, Wanda Kreikemeier, Julie Bostock

March 27 Open 4D  2D Futurity Sidepot  WPRA Permit Sidepot  Youth 3D

Bonus Race Qualifiers Sunday:

1D Sydney Schleich, Bo Hill; 2D Jodee Bolli, Ristine Kourcamp; 3D Emily Zillinger, Jessica Milliman 4D Diane Phillips, Diane Phillips 5D Susan Swanson, Robin Bennett

Open Average Winners: - 1D Sydney Schleich/Smiley Chic; 2D Beth Baxter/Living For Danjur; 3D Cassie Wasko/Smart Vision 4D Diane Phillips/Whitewater Lacey

Open Average Winners received a Classic Equine Bag sponsored by Apex Tack & Triangle Cross Sweatshirt

WPRA Permit Average Winner: Ristine Courkamp - Embroidered halter sponsored by Valley Vet

Futurity Average Winner: Bo Hill - Embroidered halter sponsored by Valley Vet

Open Target Winner: Annie Hasselbalch/Split Second Chic .003 =  Splint Boots sponsored by Molzahn Cattle Co

Youth Target Winner: Kayla Bell/Coopers First Flight .001 - Roper Bag sponsored by Kohr Quarter Horses


Final Winter Series Point Standings

March 5 - Open 4D Youth Poles

Bonus Race Qualifiers: D'Ann Gehlsen, Sydney Schleich; 2D Teresa McCormick, Abby Ford; 3D Cacee Cox, Jessica Milliman 4D Kylee Miller, Jordan Smith; 5D Suzie Wahlgren, Brenda Delano

 March 6 - Open 4D

Feb 20 - 1st Open Sr Sidepot 2nd Open

Bonus Race Qualifiers: 1D Becky Larson, Carrie Sutton; 2D Nancy Smith, Teresa McCormick; 3D Shawna Blanka, Sonya Walz; 4D Wendy Keef, Jamie Gorwill; 5D Morgan Peterson, Carla Honeymann

Jan 16 1st run  Sr Sidepot  2nd run

Bonus Race Qualifiers: 1D D'Ann Gehlsen Roma Ward; 2D Morgan Shephard Deb Christy; 3D Raeanna Moss Michelle Stobbe; 4D Diane Phillips Rachel Schmitz; 5D Yvonne Lawton Cassie Sundstrom

Dec 12-13th Sat Open 2D Futurity Sidepot WPRA Permit Sidepot  Poles Sun Open

Bonus Race Qualifiers 1D D'Ann Gehlsen, Roma Ward 2D  June Holeman; Kent Magnuson 3D Kent Magnuson; Becky Pearson 4D Jenna Rolland; Sydney Schleich 5D Connie Hill; James Davie

Nov 7-8th Sat Open Poles NBRT  Sun Open

Bonus Race Qualifiers - 1D D'Ann Gehlsen Amelia Shane 2D Brooke Steinhauer Sydney Schiech 3D Laura Lambert Cristi Copsey-Gaffney 4D Jamie Thomas Branda Marsh 5D Nancy Rudeen Dianne Kugler









Thank you Jan Wagner Photography!


Open 4D Saturday 

Bonus Race Qualifiers: 1D Lynn Kohr, Bo Hill Cacee Cox 2D Lori Whiting, Cody Holmes, June Holeman; 3D Jordan Dassinger, Deb Cox, Morgan Shephard 4D Lily Couey, Alex Beard, Becky Pearson 5D Renee Ferguson, Johanna Schmidt; Cindy Stewart


Bonus Race Qualifiers: 1D Lynn Kohr, Martee Pruitt, Brenda Delano 2D Beth Baxter, Kylie Kinderknecht, Katie Hickey 3D Stacey Hansen, Jordan Dassinger, Jordan Smith 4D Emma Ohm, Lynn Kohr, Vicky Lynn Brown 5D Wendy Keef, Diane Phillips, Renee Ferguson

Youth 3D Saturday Sunday 


WPRA Permit Only Sidepot

 2D Poles

March 14th - 1st race  2nd race

Bonus Race Qualifiers 1D Misti Brown & D'Ann Gehlsen 2D Lisa Sheets & Sandy Hickey 3D Shania Macomber & Barb Hotz

4D Brooke Jones & Brooke Jones 5D Branda Marsh & Zora Yoder

March 13th - College Fundraiser (did not count for winter points) Barrels  Poles

Feb 28th results 1st race  2nd race

Bonus Race Qualifiers 1D Beth Baxter 2D Suzie Wahlgren 3D Carol Scheetz 4D Deb Christy 5D Maddie Gestenslager

Feb 7th results 1st race  2nd race

Bonus Race Qualifiers 1D Angie Hoss 2D Clint Milliman 3D Vicky Lynn Brown 4D Darci Sanger 5D Diane Phillips

Jan 10th results 1st Open  2nd Open

Bonus Race Qualifiers - 1D Samantha Flannery, June Holeman 2D Nikki Kennedy, Brenda Delano 3D Coleen Shepard, Virgilene McCasland

4D Tanya Larson, Nikki Kennedy  5D Jordyn Van Ryswk, Deb Cox

Dec 13th results 1st Open 2nd Open Poles

Bonus Race Qualifiers 1D Michelle Stobbe 2D Nancy Molzahn 3D Robin Bennett 4D Kelsey Parker 5D Diane Phillips

Nov 8th results - 1st Open  2nd Open  Poles

Bonus Race Qualifiers 1D June Holeman 2D Jerry Schnacker & Hailey Hudson (tie) 3D Melissa Ward 4D Gayle White 5D Emma Ohm




March 29-30 Finale

Final Point Standings

All photos copyrighted - Jan Wagner Photography!

Please do not use them or copy them without permission!

Series Saddle Winner sponsored by Mycogen Seeds - Vicky Lynn Brown!

1D Winners - Kent Magnuson, June Holeman, Gayle White, Deb Christy (producer), Mika Drews, Nancy Smith

2D Winners - Beth Baxter, Kent Magnuson, Mika Drews, Nancy Rudeen, Nancy Smith, Nancy Molzahn

3D Winners - Jessica Milliman, Martee Pruitt, Vicky Lynn Brown

4D Winners - Diane Phillips, Vicky Lynn Brown, Carla Honeymann

Youth Winners - Jentry Jenkins, Reagan Gestenslager, Stuart Rose, Peyton Crowder, Kenzie Hansen, Jaycee Wooters - 2 run average

Peewee Winners - Mae Keef, Madison Gestenslager

Futurity Champion - Lynn Kohr riding Dun Got Charmed - Pole Bending Champion - D'Ann Gehlsen (not pictured)

June Holeman riding Hopes Money Boy - Wrangler WPRA Sidepot Champion

Sat Open Sun Open WPRA Sidepot WPRA Permit Only Futurity  Youth Poles

Saturday Bonus Race Qualifiers

1D June Holeman 2D Jessica Leach 3D Jeanette Meissinger 4D Lynn Kohr 5D Robin Bennett

  Sunday Bonus Race Qualifiers

1D Lorie Cline 2D Cindy Jons/Bo Hill/Gayle White 3D Stacey Hansen 4D Stacey Hansen 5D Virgilene McCasland


Friday night - March 14 - Pole Bending Results (35' score)

Mar 15 - 1st race  2nd Race  WPRA sidepot

Bonus Race Qualifiers 1D June Holeman 2D Deb Christy 3D Ashlyn Moeder 4D Melinda Shield 5D Vicky Lynn Brown

Jan - 18 1st race  2nd race  WPRA Sidepot

Bonus Race Qualifiers - 1D D'Ann Gehlsen, 2D June Holeman, 3D LeAnna Wohlgemuth, 4D Diane Phillips, 5D Courtney Badger

Jan 4 1st race 2nd race WPRA Sidepot

Bonus Race Qualifiers: 1D Diane Axmann, 2D Robin Bennett, 3D Kassie Weinland, 4D Vicky Lynn Brown, 5D Jorydn  VanRyswyk

Dec 14 - 1st Race 2nd Race WPRA sidepot

Bonus Race Qualifiers - June Holeman, Jimi Hurlbut, Martee Pruitt, Lea Neil, Teena Davisson

Nov 9  1st Race  2nd Race  WPRA Sidepot

Bonus Race Qualifiers - Abby Ford, Cheryl Wallace, Martee Pruitt, Jerry Schnacker, Kylie Miller

 FMI - 785-543-7829 (text or call)

New this year - Hi Point Saddle - sponsored by

Thank you - Hannah Riddle and Matt Borcher!

Barrel Wrap sponsor - Equine Veterinary Services - Grand Island NE

Buckles awarded to each "D" high point series winner

Pearson Physical Therapy Broken Bow, Tierney Quarter Horses, Dr Jim Hotz - WPRA sponsors

Dr Mark Zink, Wayne NE

Flannery Barrel Horses - Mission SD

Kohr Quarter Horses, Gillette WY & Roper Apparel and Footwear

Apex Tack Supply, Mika Drews, Thedford NE

Doug & Nancy Molzahn - in memory of Chassidy Breese -

2J Cattle Company - Troy & Gimmie Jo Jansonius

Spring Valley Farms - Lynn & Lori Ferguson

Schemper Trucking LLC

Sunnydale Farm Horses - Patrick & Brenda Delano


2012-2013 Results

Triangle Cross Barrel Racing

NE4D & Mile Hi Co-approved

November 17 - RESULTS Race #1  Race #2

December 15 - RESULTS Race #1   Race #2 

January 5 RESULTS Race #1   Race #2

January 19 RESULTS Race #1  Race #2

February 2 RESULTS Race #1  Race #2

March 9 - RESULTS  Race #1  Race #2



Sam Flannery - Futurity Sidepot Average Winner


High point winners received a Maynard buckle for 1st place and a Formula 707 Gift Certificate; 2nd place was a royal blue fleece winter blanket and Formula 707 Gift Certificate; 3rd place was a Kensington Tote bag and a set of Gale Beebe barrel reins; 4th place was a tub with horse treats and grooming stuff.

215 Barb Powell
209 Brenda Delano
152 June Holeman
149 Kelly Koeppen

214 Marci Bartlett
101 Deb Christy
86 Nancy Molzahn
80 Rose Hildebrandt:

152.5 Nancy Molzahn
123.5 Jenna Rolland
102.5 Kim Post
100 Clint Milliman

185 Deb Christy
153 Jordyn VanRyswyk
138 Jessica Milliman
130 Vicky Brown

We appreciate our sponsors!

Sunnydale Farm Horses - Patrick & Brenda Delano - Bird City, KS

Spring Valley Farms - Lynn & Lori Ferguson - Agra, KS

Doug and Nancy Molzahn - Agra, KS - Chassidy Breese Memorial Barrel Race

Schemper Trucking - Prairie View KS

Cowboy Up Tack - McCook NE





LW AG ENTERPRISES, LLC - LeAnna Wohlgemuth

FMI Deb Christy 785-543-7829 - Check our Facebook group