BBR 4D Jackpot Sunday Mar 8, 2020 Open 4D                     
                  Race Sponsored by: Triangle Cross LLC                      
Paying to  4 placings, Jackpot Total = $  3775.00, Rider count = 105         
     1D Time = 15.419, Placings = 32, Pool = $ 1321.25                       
     2D Time = 15.919, Placings = 21, Pool = $ 1132.50                       
     3D Time = 16.419, Placings = 18, Pool = $  755.00                       
     4D Time = 16.919, Placings = 14, Pool = $  566.25                       
                     Not Placed = 20                                         
                               1D Placings                                   
   1st 15.419 $528.50         Patty Finney on French Bugs Tu                 
   2nd 15.451 $396.38         Kent Magnuson on Penny Czech                   
   3rd 15.460 $264.25         Sandy McElreath on Special Famous Faith        
   4th 15.529 $132.13         Gayle White on Whatta Boys Angel               
   5th 15.530                 Annie Hasselbalch on Palena                    
   6th 15.541                 Branda Marsh on ABK Elvis                      
   7th 15.635                 Ashlyn Moeder on CM Dynamite Shake             
   8th 15.652                 Shawnie Swedberg on Stutz (nr)                 
   9th 15.657                 Katie Hickey on Roany Frost                    
  10th 15.675                 Jenna Cox on Splash NR                         
  11th 15.680                 Kent Magnuson on Snazzy Jet Red                
  12th 15.685                 Sandy Hickey on Breezin Pretty                 
  13th 15.698                 Samantha Flannery on Keep Pedaling             
  14th 15.709                 Jordan Sanders on Flashlights Badge            
  15th 15.714                 Amanda Lymber on Joses French Badger           
  16th 15.736                 Annie Hasselbalch on Munndys Good Friday       
  17th 15.747                 Samantha Flannery on FL Fergilicious           
  18th 15.763                 Patty Finney on Streakin Starlight             
  19th 15.764                 Deb Schroetlin on RGR Aire Force               
  20th 15.769                 Jenna Rolland on Chiefs Blue Bar               
  21st 15.773                 Gracie Pearson on Leachs Roan Money            
  22nd 15.811                 Kimberly Eberle on Hawks Boons Boy             
  23rd 15.812                 Mekenna Fisher on Queso Bar                    
  24th 15.820                 Melissa Brouillette on Living For Danjur       
  25th 15.852                 Deb Christy on Dashin On The Blitz             
  26th 15.859                 Jenna Rolland on Pappacork                     
  27th 15.863                 Shawnie Swedberg on Streaking Sandy            
  28th 15.864                 Maggie Underhill on Bugs Showgirl              
  29th 15.886                 Suzanne Cromwell on Seis La Vie                
  30th 15.887                 Shaylee Chase on Roosters Roper                
  31st 15.901                 Branda Marsh on Illuminated Fame               
  32nd 15.902                 Jenna Cox on Frost N Run                       
                               2D Placings                                   
   1st 15.936 $453.00         Mika Drews on Aimless Eddie                   
   2nd 15.962 $339.75         Robin Bennett on Dashin Plenty                 
   3rd 15.995 $226.50         Cara Jean on Sally Star Dust                   
   4th 15.997 $113.25         Shawna Blanka on Sailing With Effort           
   5th 16.002                 Nancy Molzahn on Watch Me Play Ray             
Tie    16.002                 Valerie Elliott on Murray                      
   7th 16.023                 Isabella Budzinski on Iris Garvelso            
   8th 16.108                 Mika Drews on Steal The Moonlight              
   9th 16.114                 Nicole Sederstrom on Adons Okie Playboy        
  10th 16.127                 Karen Dailey on Twisted Fuzz                   
  11th 16.151                 Clint Milliman on MQH Frosted Drift            
  12th 16.161                 Sandy McElreath on SpecialFamousTapatia        
  13th 16.194                 Jennifer Baker on Vitalio                      
  14th 16.211                 Maggie Underhill on ItsAllAboutFirewater       
  15th 16.212                 Kloe Sramek on Roulettes Roll                  
  16th 16.228                 Jordan Sanders on Graves Magic Memorie         
  17th 16.254                 Sierra Cain on Itty Bitty Perk                 
  18th 16.258                 Robin Bennett on Call Doc at Midnight          
  19th 16.299                 Adelyn Sundstrom on Lightning In The Sky       
  20th 16.359                 Nicole Sederstrom on Countess Of Wyoming       
  21st 16.365                 Kisha Zieffle on MS Mattie                     
                               3D Placings                                   
   1st 16.430 $302.00         Jessica Milliman on Tijo (NR)                  
   2nd 16.446 $226.50         Amanda Lymber on MT Revenues Dun It            
   3rd 16.457 $151.00         Cassie Sundstrom on Watta Silver King          
   4th 16.511 $ 75.50         Cara Jean on Box V Gold Tradition              
   5th 16.547                 Kent Magnuson on Fire Water Whiskey            
   6th 16.576                 Jessica Milliman on Hemis Thunder              
   7th 16.637                 Michelle DeBoer on Regers Firewater            
   8th 16.660                 Susan Swanson on Barts Valentine               
   9th 16.663                 Tracie Rasmussen on D Rated Ruby               
  10th 16.694                 Becky Pearson on Billy Billy BYO               
  11th 16.709                 Nicole Sederstrom on Fast Times Charlie        
  12th 16.742                 Diane Phillps on Frenchman Bell                
  13th 16.747                 Patty Finney on Jess The Best                  
  14th 16.768                 Nancy Rudeen on Firewater Albert               
  15th 16.796                 Diane Phillps on JA Laughing Cline             
  16th 16.847                 Valerie Elliott on Buddy                       
  17th 16.849                 Becky Pearson on Hot With Perfection           
  18th 16.861                 Jessica Wykert on Cash Tiny Perks              
                               4D Placings                                   
   1st 16.983 $226.50         Cassie Sundstrom on Desis Rocketman            
   2nd 17.263 $169.88         Angela Shadbolt on Ima Vegas Streaker          
   3rd 17.312 $113.25         Susan Swanson on Ladys Tigeraflame             
   4th 17.343 $ 56.63         Marisa Wykert on Its Only Tuesday NR           
   5th 17.361                 Maddie Macfee on BXL Silky Wings               
   6th 17.529                 Kimberly Eberle on Zips Shiny Jammer            
   7th 17.542                 Connie Hill on Caddy NR                        
   8th 17.747                 Jennifer Baker on Excellent Emily              
   9th 17.973                 Cassie Wendland on Whoopin Abigail             
  10th 18.154                 Lorie Cline on JG French Pep                   
  11th 18.426                 Jacey Jensen on I Wood Frost Em                
  12th 18.887                 Kisha Zieffle on Drifters Jack Frost           
  13th 19.048                 Angela Marietta on Firen Guy                   
  14th 19.110                 Wendy Keef on Wrangler (NR)                    
N/T    400.000                Robin Bennett on Dramatic First Moon           
N/T    400.000                Shawna Blanka on Paddys Mayday                 
N/T    415.422                Kelly Forell on Cowboys Ginnin 851             
N/T    415.736                Jordan Sanders on Sun Frosted Chicynn          
N/T    415.859                Mary Dugan on Stairs To Heaven                 
N/T    415.909                Nancy Molzahn on Sweet And Genuine             
N/T    415.923                Mary Dugan on Streaking Disco                  
N/T    416.037                Jacey Jensen on WPH Shawnee's Image            
N/T    416.177                Emma Pearson on Twice Is Special               
N/T    416.216                Valarie Schneider on Gold Bucks Jack           
N/T    416.253                Angela Marietta on Blue Diamonds Fancy         
N/T    416.340                Kloe Sramek on Royal Speed                     
N/T    416.362                Jeanette Johnson on SR Blazin Catalena         
N/T    416.364                Ashlyn Moeder on Goose                         
N/T    416.490                Samantha Flannery on Minnie Time               
N/T    416.544                Karen Dailey on Aprils May Diamond             
N/T    416.572                Jordyn Leggett on TT Streakin Fox              
N/T    416.938                Lesley Lauritsen on Rumble On                  
N/T    417.001                Deb Schroetlin on Chocs Snazzy Sis             
N/T    422.184                Jacey Jensen on Iced Twice