January 12, 2020 Open:

 1D Placings                                   
   1st 15.331 $347.20         Debbie Pate on CreditTheFireFighter            
   2nd 15.365 $260.40         Jaycee Wooters on VF Born Ta Glory             
   3rd 15.505 $173.60         Sandy McElreath on SpecialFamousTapatia        
   4th 15.559 $ 86.80         Gayle White on Whatta Boys Angel               
   5th 15.627                 Annie Hasselbalch on Palena                    
   6th 15.824                 Kent Magnuson on Penny Czech                   
                               2D Placings                                   
   1st 15.831 $297.60         Tessora James on ENB Flo Jo                    
   2nd 15.863 $223.20         Jenna Cox on Splash NR                         
   3rd 15.868 $148.80         Robin Bennett on Dashin Plenty                 
   4th 15.913 $ 74.40         Jenna Cox on Frost N Run                       
   5th 15.934                 Beth Baxter on French Streaktoreno             
   6th 15.952                 Kelsey Lauenstein on UR Ashes Left Behind      
   7th 16.007                 Kent Magnuson on Snazzy Jet Red                
   8th 16.008                 Jenna Rolland on Pappacork                     
   9th 16.123                 Cassie Meyer on IWillWorkMyMagicOnU            
  10th 16.149                 Mekenna Fisher on Queso Bar                    
  11th 16.174                 Melissa Brouillette on Living For Danjur       
  12th 16.177                 Kloe Sramek on Royal Speed                     
  13th 16.178                 Madison Clark on Royal Three Charge            
  14th 16.197                 Jacey Jensen on WPH Shawnee's Image            
  15th 16.237                 Jeanette Johnson on SR Blazin Catalena         
  16th 16.276                 Valarie Schneider on Gold Bucks Jack           
  17th 16.318                 Cathy Brooks on Coats Frenchmans Jet           
                               3D Placings                                   
   1st 16.342 $198.40         Clint Milliman on MQH Frosted Drift            
   2nd 16.437 $148.80         Annie Hasselbalch on Munndys Good Friday       
   3rd 16.441 $ 99.20         Lori Ferguson on SV Zans War Jet               
   4th 16.450 $ 49.60         Tammy Peterson on Freckles And Gris            
   5th 16.490                 Rose Hildebrandt on SL Little Teddy Bear       
   6th 16.491                 Karen Dailey on Aprils May Diamond             
   7th 16.498                 Maggie Underhill on ItsAllAboutFirewater       
   8th 16.559                 Kloe Sramek on Roulettes Roll                  
   9th 16.604                 Cassie Meyer on Quick Okey Effort              
  10th 16.618                 Cara Jean on Sally Star Dust                   
  11th 16.665                 Kent Magnuson on Fire Water Whiskey            
  12th 16.668                 Cara Jean on Box V Gold Tradition              
  13th 16.669                 Hallie Reeves on Bay NR                        
  14th 16.711                 Jessica Milliman on Hemis Thunder              
  15th 16.733                 Sydney Veldhuizen on KN Six Moon Version       
  16th 16.751                 Cassie Miller on Smart Vision                  
  17th 16.805                 Karen Dailey on Twisted Fuzz                   
                               4D Placings                                   
   1st 16.966 $148.80         Rose Hildebrandt on Im Explosive               
   2nd 17.015 $111.60         Cassie Holm on Tweedle De Flash                
   3rd 17.071 $ 74.40         Nancy Smith on KLC Glory Wings                 
   4th 17.081 $ 37.20         Kloe Sramek on Here Comes The Boom             
   5th 17.086                 Mekenna Fisher on CBC Frio Rocket              
   6th 17.214                 Maddie Macfee on BXL Silky Wings               
   7th 17.225                 Lesley Lauritsen on Rumble On                  
   8th 17.550                 Jordyn Leggett on TT Streakin Fox              
   9th 17.700                 Kisha Zieffle on MS Mattie                     
  10th 17.859                 Jenna Rolland on Aubrey Kleberg                
  11th 18.877                 Robin Bennett on Drifters First Flirt          
  12th 22.283                 Kisha Zieffle on Drifters Jack Frost           
  13th 23.070                 Wendy Keef on Potentially Cool                 
N/T    400.000                Melissa Brouillette on Mr. Red Hots            
N/T    400.000                Jacey Jensen on Woodrow                        
N/T    415.747                Maggie Underhill on Bugs Showgirl              
N/T    415.828                Peyton Fisher on Smart Play Mavis              
N/T    416.187                Robin Bennett on Dramatic First Moon           
N/T    416.431                Suzanne Cromwell on Seis La Vie                
N/T    416.465                Jessica Milliman on Tijo (NR)                  
N/T    416.621                Brittany Luckert on Purely Playcat             
N/T    416.628                Hallie Reeves on Boone NR                      
N/T    416.638                Arika Starr on Jett                            
N/T    416.724                Amanda Lymber on MT Revenues Dun It            
N/T    417.658                Madison Solida on JA Stanwood Lady             
N/T    419.076                Beth Baxter on Winnawaddacash                  
N/T    419.327                Wendy Keef on Wrangler (NR)                    
N/T    420.114                Jacey Jensen on Smarty Shawnee Bug