Producer: 1390 Triangle Cross LLC, Show Date: 02/08/20  
                     Location: Kiplinger Arena, McCook, NE                      
                        BBR 4D Jackpot in Sunday Open 4D                        
Paying to  4 placings, Jackpot Total = $  2690.00, Rider count = 74          
     1D Time = 15.373, Placings = 11, Pool = $  941.50                       
     2D Time = 15.873, Placings = 17, Pool = $  807.00                       
     3D Time = 16.373, Placings = 21, Pool = $  538.00                       
     4D Time = 16.873, Placings = 12, Pool = $  403.50                       
                     Not Placed = 13                                         
                               1D Placings                                   
   1st 15.373 $376.60         Patty Finney on French Bugs Tu                 
   2nd 15.501 $282.45         Becky Maune on Flyin Famous                    
   3rd 15.506 $188.30         Kent Magnuson on Penny Czech                   
   4th 15.593 $ 94.15         Kelly Forell on Cowboys Ginnin 851             
   5th 15.661                 Robin Bennett on Dashin Plenty                 
   6th 15.690                 Jaycee Wooters on VF Born Ta Glory             
   7th 15.726                 Adelyn Sundstrom on Tripp (NR)                 
   8th 15.731                 Sandy McElreath on SpecialFamousTapatia        
   9th 15.769                 Jenna Cox on Splash NR                         
  10th 15.788                 Kent Magnuson on Snazzy Jet Red                
  11th 15.817                 Cassie Meyer on IWillWorkMyMagicOnU            
                               2D Placings                                   
   1st 15.992 $322.80         Sheyenne Hammond on Frenchman's Rock Star      
   2nd 16.016 $242.10         Shawna Blanka on Sailing With Effort           
   3rd 16.029 $161.40         Deb Christy on Streakin Senor Dash             
   4th 16.039 $ 80.70         Cathy Brooks on Coats Frenchmans Jet           
   5th 16.130                 Maggie Underhill on Bugs Showgirl              
   6th 16.146                 Justy Hagen on KPS Ashes Got Bugs              
   7th 16.173                 Kloe Sramek on Roulettes Roll                  
   8th 16.203                 Gracie Pearson on Leachs Roan Money            
   9th 16.223                 Becky Pearson on Billy Billy BYO               
  10th 16.247                 Karen Dailey on Aprils May Diamond             
  11th 16.278                 Jenna Rolland on Pappacork                     
  12th 16.298                 Clint Milliman on MQH Frosted Drift            
  13th 16.303                 Angela Marietta on Latte (NR)                  
  14th 16.338                 Robin Bennett on Dramatic First Moon           
  15th 16.346                 Jessica Milliman on Tijo (NR)                  
  16th 16.369                 Valarie Schneider on Gold Bucks Jack           
  17th 16.370                 Jordan Sanders on Flashlights Badge            
                               3D Placings                                   
   1st 16.406 $215.20         Mika Drews on Steal The Moonlight              
   2nd 16.431 $161.40         Nancy Molzahn on Sweet And Genuine             
   3rd 16.443 $107.60         Jessica Milliman on Hemis Thunder                 
   4th 16.454 $ 53.80         Angela Shadbolt on Hot High Heels              
   5th 16.459                 Karen Dailey on TJ Auggie Chex                 
   6th 16.502                 Karen Dailey on Twisted Fuzz                   
   7th 16.512                 Becky Pearson on Hot With Perfection           
   8th 16.519                 Angela Marietta on Blue Diamonds Fancy         
   9th 16.565                 Jacey Jensen on WPH Shawnee's Image            
  10th 16.575                 Shawna Blanka on Paddys Mayday                 
  11th 16.656                 Cassie Miller on Smart Vision                  
  12th 16.699                 Kloe Sramek on Royal Speed                     
  13th 16.706                 Susan Swanson on Barts Valentine               
  14th 16.718                 Robin Bennett on Black Jack                    
  15th 16.726                 Maggie Underhill on ItsAllAboutFirewater       
  16th 16.797                 Cassie Holm on Tweedle De Flash                
  17th 16.812                 Cassie Sundstrom on Desis Rocketman            
  18th 16.813                 Brittany Luckert on Purely Playcat             
  19th 16.814                 Jordan Sanders on Graves Magic Memorie         
  20th 16.820                 Cassie Sundstrom on Watta Silver King          
  21st 16.863                 Nancy Smith on KLC Glory Wings                 
                               4D Placings                                   
   1st 16.923 $161.40         Kylie Kinderknecht on SO Dancing Dimples       
   2nd 16.942 $121.05         Jordyn Leggett on TT Streakin Fox              
   3rd 16.980 $ 80.70         Patty Finney on Jess The Best                  
   4th 17.017 $ 40.35         Kent Magnuson on Fire Water Whiskey            
   5th 17.145                 Becky Leggett on Dash Lady Fortune             
   6th 17.225                 Michelle DeBoer on Regers Firewater            
   7th 17.324                 Jacey Jensen on I Wood Frost Em                
   8th 17.411                 Tracie Rasmussen on D Rated Ruby               
   9th 17.444                 Maddie Macfee on BXL Silky Wings               
  10th 17.609                 Emma Pearson on Twice Is Special               
  11th 17.971                 Shaylee Chase on Roosters Roper                
  12th 18.361                 Angela Shadbolt on Ima Vegas Streaker          
N/T    400.000                Cassie Meyer on Quick Okey Effort              
N/T    415.416                Debbie Pate on CreditTheFireFighter            
N/T    415.967                Natalie Kinderknecht on Easy Driftin Cash      
N/T    416.065                Jenna Cox on Frost N Run                       
N/T    416.178                Jordan Sanders on Sun Frosted Chicynn          
N/T    416.196                Nancy Molzahn on Watch Me Play Ray             
N/T    416.272                Melissa Brouillette on Living For Danjur       
N/T    416.280                Patty Finney on Streaking Starlight            
N/T    416.297                Justy Hagen on Convincing Feeling              
N/T    416.800                Cara Jean on Sally Star Dust                   
N/T    417.849                Madison Solida on JA Stanwood Lady             
N/T    418.772                Sheyenne Hammond on River NR                   
N/T    422.329                Brooklyn Spencer on Frenchmans Hot Line