March 24 Open 4D:
1D Placings                                  

   1st 15.166 $439.84         Katie Hickey on Roany Frost                   

   2nd 15.400 $359.87         Kent Magnuson on Snazzy Jet Red               

   3rd 15.412 $266.57         Sandy McElreath on Special Famous Faith       

   4th 15.434 $173.27         Matisyn Welsch on Osages Fuel To Fame         

   5th 15.444 $ 93.30         Kent Magnuson on Penny Czech                  

   6th 15.549                 Shelly Kirby on LLP Bellissmo                 

   7th 15.600                 Sandy McElreath on Truly Xpress Dinero         

   8th 15.616                 Gayle White on Whatta Boys Angel              

   9th 15.639                 Ashley Wells on JL Lady Loves Red             

  10th 15.649                 Bonnie Baughman on VF Rock Grinder            


                               2D Placings                                  

   1st 15.680 $382.90         Annie Hasselbalch on Palena                   

   2nd 15.709 $313.28         Cheryl Wallace on Pacific Frostman            

   3rd 15.720 $232.06         Becky Pearson on MyDarlinClementine           

   4th 15.739 $150.84         Virginia Evans on Povertys Jet Boy             

   5th 15.754 $ 81.22         Taunya Crews on Tee Jay Cross Sabres          

   6th 15.776                 Amelia McCumber on FlashlightIrishAzure       

   7th 15.858                 Branda Marsh on ABK Elvis                     

   8th 15.865                 Rylan Swanson on Triangle Four Dually         

   9th 15.884                 Melissa Brouillette on Living For Danjur      

  10th 15.905                 Tammy Peterson on Namgis D 61                 

  11th 15.919                 Jenna Cox on Splash NR                        

  12th 15.925                 Rebecca Hodges on Kruise Kontrol              

  13th 15.931                 Mataya Ecklund on Eyelow                      

  14th 15.944                 Jena Garwood on WR Dash Oh Salt               

  15th 15.950                 Beth Baxter on French Streaktoreno            

  16th 15.963                 Gavin Elznic on Convincing Merit              

  17th 15.966                 Amanda Lymber on Joses French Badger          

  18th 15.970                 Shelly Kirby on BS Colonel Cash               

  19th 15.978                 Kieley Walz on Firefighters Lineage           

  20th 16.029                 Abby Lawton on Imararefrenchjaguar            

  21st 16.036                 Deb Christy on FL Fast N Furious              

  22nd 16.056                 Annie Hasselbalch on Seis La Vie              

Tie    16.056                 Sierra Cain on Itty Bitty Perk                

  24th 16.065                 Maggie Underhill on Bugs Showgirl             

  25th 16.078                 Natalie Harrington on PHC Chex N That Out     

  26th 16.080                 Nancy Molzahn on Watch Me Play Ray            

  27th 16.085                 Jeanette Johnson on The Surreal Thing         

  28th 16.098                 Rylan Swanson on Long Legs                    

  29th 16.112                 Jenna Cox on Frost N Run                       

  30th 16.118                 Kloe Sramek on Royal Speed                    

  31st 16.124                 Branda Marsh on Illuminated Fame              

Tie    16.124                 Kieley Walz on Famous Rare Pie                

  33rd 16.148                 Angela Shadbolt on Hot High Heels             

Tie    16.148                 Emma Pearson on Drifters Jack Frost           


                               3D Placings                                  

   1st 16.187 $269.02         Abby Lawton on Sheza Streakin Flit            

   2nd 16.202 $220.10         Jade Newson on Gooseberry Gill                

   3rd 16.224 $163.04         Amanda Lymber on Docs Dual Frost              

   4th 16.229 $105.98         Branda Marsh on Eagles Fame                   

   5th 16.235 $ 57.06         Justy Hagen on Convincing Feeling             

   6th 16.255                 Jayme Litchfield on Frenchmans Domonique      

   7th 16.290                 Jessica Milliman on Tijo (NR)                 

   8th 16.292                 Deb Christy on Streakin Senor Dash            

   9th 16.306                 Angela Marietta on Latte (NR)                 

  10th 16.322                 Jenna Rolland on Pappacork                    

  11th 16.326                 Haley Hermes on Red Hot Dude                  

  12th 16.370                 Clint Milliman on MQH Frosted Drift           

  13th 16.398                 Jessica Milliman on Hemis Thunder             

  14th 16.416                 Logan Reeves on Indy (NR)                     

  15th 16.421                 Kisha Zieffle on Billy Billy BYO              

  16th 16.432                 Kimberly Eberle on Hawks Boons Boy            

  17th 16.450                 Samantha Flannery on FL Heza Roc Star         

  18th 16.474                 Nancy Rudeen on Firewater Albert              

  19th 16.476                 Angela Marietta on BXL Silky Wings            

  20th 16.486                 Kimberly Eberle on Squirt - NR                

  21st 16.494                 Robin Bennett on Call Doc at Midnight         

  22nd 16.540                 D'Ann Gehlsen on BHR Super Dash                

  23rd 16.573                 Dixie Engelke on Elle                         

  24th 16.574                 Sydney Veldhuizen on KN Six Moon Version      

  25th 16.575                 Jenna Rolland on Chiefs Blue Bar              

  26th 16.580                 Shawna Blanka on Paddys Mayday                

  27th 16.610                 Sandy McElreath on SpecialFamousTapatia       

  28th 16.636                 Deb Schroetlin on RGR Aire Force              


                               4D Placings                                  

   1st 16.676 $212.07         Allison Kloxin on Foxy Maxine                 

   2nd 16.716 $173.52         Angela Marietta on Blue Diamonds Fancy        

   3rd 16.846 $128.53         Nancy Smith on KLC Glory Wings                

   4th 16.913 $ 83.54         Chesney Reeves on ChicsTimberEagle            

   5th 16.977 $ 44.99         Dianne Kugler on Scotches Count               

   6th 17.040                 Nancy Molzahn on Sweet And Genuine            

   7th 17.042                 Marci Bartlett on Miracles Stillhappen        

   8th 17.066                 D'Ann Gehlsen on UX Smooth Stevi              

   9th 17.074                 Valarie Schneider on Gold Bucks Jack          

  10th 17.085                 Neva Reichenberg on Max                       

  11th 17.155                 Amanda Lymber on MT Revenues Dun It           

  12th 17.234                 Susan Swanson on Barts Valentine              

  13th 17.249                 Dianne Kugler on Bugs River Ghost             

  14th 17.371                 Jade Newson on Decks Smokin Dash              

  15th 17.564                 Gracie Pearson on Mr Independent              

  16th 17.650                 Jena Garwood on Two Legends                   

  17th 17.844                 Hadly Ureste on Got Moves Like Jagger          

  18th 19.088                 Kloe Sramek on Here Comes The Boom            

  19th 19.132                 Amelia McCumber on Aint Seen Famous Yet       

  20th 19.238                 Katie Reeves on Phantom (NR)                  

  21st 19.808                 Becky Pearson on Hot With Perfection          

  22nd 19.881                 Payton Gorwill on Just Junior                 

  23rd 20.057                 Wendy Keef on Wrangler (NR)                   

  24th 22.477                 Jena Garwood on Nonstop Corona                

N/T    400.000                Jordan Sanders on Sun Frosted Chicynn         

N/T    400.000                Susan Swanson on Setem Up Sassy               

N/T    415.594                Sandy Hickey on Breezin Pretty                 

N/T    415.847                Mika Drews on Aimless Eddie                   

N/T    415.850                Cheryl Wallace on Not Jess Any Guy            

N/T    415.858                Justy Hagen on KPS Ashes Got Bugs             

N/T    416.011                Marci Bartlett on VF Gold Digger              

N/T    416.020                Matisyn Welsch on First Famous Lady           

N/T    416.068                Reece Stanley on Wrench (NR)                  

N/T    416.079                Mataya Ecklund on Casey's Corona Moon         

N/T    416.093                Shawna Blanka on Sailing With Effort          

N/T    416.202                Deb Schroetlin on Chocs Snazzy Sis            

N/T    416.386                Vicky Lynn Brown on Smashin Annie             

N/T    416.424                Sonya Walz on I Love Firefighters             

N/T    416.488                Sydney Goracke on Peppy Taris Catalyst        

N/T    416.616                Brenda Delano on French Osceola               

N/T    416.891                Virginia Evans on Hi Class Ann                

N/T    416.939                Payton Gorwill on Duallys Playgirl            

N/T    417.208                Sheyenne Hammond on Frenchies Jet Deck        

N/T    417.328                Jacey Jensen on BF Frenchmans Flirt           

N/T    419.355                Kent Magnuson on Winnawaddacash               

N/T    419.495                Jordan Sanders on HLC French Eleora            

N/T    424.820                Kisha Zieffle on MS Mattie