Dec 8, 2019 Open 4D Results - BBR, WPRA, BRQ approved $500 ADDED

1D Placings                                  

   1st 15.645 $366.96         Sandy McElreath on Truly Xpress Dinero       

   2nd 15.708 $300.24         Melissa Brouillette on Living For Danjur      

   3rd 15.762 $222.40         Patty Jons on JJ Baby My Fame                 

   4th 15.816 $144.56         Branda Marsh on ABK Elvis                     

   5th 15.827 $ 77.84         Sandy McElreath on Special Famous Faith       

   6th 15.848                 Katie Hickey on Roany Frost                   

   7th 15.939                 Nayah Murphy on CM Nurse Nick Bar             

Tie    15.939                 Mika Drews on Aimless Eddie                   

   9th 16.021                 Jenna Cox on Splash NR                         

  10th 16.036                 Stephanie Murphy on Jodie's Rush Ta Fame      

  11th 16.050                 Carrie Sutton on Bordeaux Dream               

  12th 16.081                 LeAnna Wohlgemuth on Honey Bee Goldseeker     

  13th 16.115                 Becky Pearson on MyDarlinClementine           

  14th 16.120                 Rose Hildebrandt on SL Dashing Dorcey         

  15th 16.126                 Suzie Wahlgren on DHR Boy Whatta Flyer        


                               2D Placings                                  

   1st 16.159 $320.43         Neva Reichenberg on Dry Glos Buck             

   2nd 16.160 $262.17         Deb Christy on FL Fast N Furious              

   3rd 16.212 $194.20         Amy Schimke on A Blu Flash                    

   4th 16.224 $126.23         Jenna Cox on Frost N Run                      

   5th 16.230 $ 67.97         Sheyenne Hammond on Frenchman's Rock Star     

   6th 16.261                 Sandy Hickey on ColonelsCustomChrome          

   7th 16.265                 Rebecca Hodges on Kruise Kontrol              

   8th 16.267         FF      Deb Christy on Dashin On The Blitz            

   9th 16.276                 Reagan Gestenslager on Wolf Dancing           

  10th 16.308                 Emma Pearson on Drifters Jack Frost           

  11th 16.318                 Deb Christy on Streakin Senor Dash             

  12th 16.349                 Nancy Molzahn on Watch Me Play Ray            

  13th 16.365                 Carrie Sutton on Flashin Reward               

  14th 16.384                 Branda Marsh on Eagles Fame                   

  15th 16.393                 Jeanette Johnson on The Surreal Thing         

  16th 16.405                 Nancy Molzahn on Sweet And Genuine            

  17th 16.408                 Danielle Snider on 99 Problems                

  18th 16.426                 Jessica Milliman on Tijo (NR)                 

  19th 16.474                 Gracie Pearson on A Freckled Smarty           

  20th 16.501                 Amy Schimke on Lil Miss Fame                  

  21st 16.506                 Nikki Kennedy on WB BlurryAfterSixpak         

  22nd 16.508                 Cathy Brooks on Coats Frenchmans Jet          

  23rd 16.526                 Cathy Brooks on Grande Beleza                 

  24th 16.540                 Teresa McCormick on Bams Lisa 2006            

  25th 16.547                 Haley Hermes on Red Hot Dude                  

  26th 16.552                 Angela Marietta on Latte (NR)                 

  27th 16.562                 Teresa McCormick on Moneys Quarter Moon       

  28th 16.574                 Angela Marietta on Blue Diamonds Fancy        

  29th 16.584                 Becky Leggett on Dash Lady Fortune            

  30th 16.585                 Connie Hill on Mr Red Gold Bucks              

  31st 16.589                 Natalie Harrington on PHC Chex N That Out     

  32nd 16.597                 Jenny Johnston on Two Copper Penny            


                               3D Placings                                   

   1st 16.681 $227.37         Beth Baxter on French Streaktoreno            

   2nd 16.715 $186.03         Robin Bennett on Black Jack                   

   3rd 16.716 $137.80         Jenna Rolland on Aubrey Kleberg               

   4th 16.722 $ 89.57         Jenny Johnston on Commander Jazz              

   5th 16.728 $ 48.23         Maggie Underhill on Bugs Showgirl             

   6th 16.748                 Rose Hildebrandt on SL Frenchletter           

   7th 16.812                 Cassie Sundstrom on Watta Silver King         

   8th 16.822                 Jessica Milliman on Hemis Thunder             

   9th 16.833                 Diane Phillps on Frenchman Bell               

  10th 16.917                 Grace Oard on Leo (NR)                         

  11th 16.951                 Sydney Veldhuizen on KN Six Moon Version      

  12th 16.978                 Clint Milliman on MQH Frosted Drift           

  13th 16.992                 Shanan Doherty on Come A Runnin Boys          

  14th 17.116                 Dianne Kugler on Bugs River Ghost             

  15th 17.117                 Diane Phillps on Whitewater Lacey             


                               4D Placings                                  

   1st 17.170 $180.84         Mekenna Fisher on Queso Bar                   

   2nd 17.227 $147.96         Vicky Lynn Brown on Smashin Annie             

   3rd 17.231 $109.60         Rose Hildebrandt on Flingin Dynamite          

   4th 17.457 $ 71.24         Robin Bennett on Famous Gucchi                

   5th 17.545 $ 38.36         D'Ann Gehlsen on UX Smooth Stevi              

   6th 17.695                 Nicole Walrod on Mishka Lady                  

   7th 17.702                 Connie Hill on Talkin To The Angels           

   8th 17.737                 Beth Till on Decks Hoyt Leaguer               

Tie    17.737                 Jade Newson on Gooseberry Gill                

  10th 17.829                 Cassie Sundstrom on Gold Peg                  

  11th 18.044                 Beth Till on Ms. Niobrara                     

  12th 18.200                 Melissa Brouillette on Mr. Red Hots            

  13th 18.215                 Roma Ward on Hesa Royal Bully                 

  14th 18.300                 Jade Newson on Decks Smokin Dash              

  15th 18.480                 Kody Daily on KD’s Magnum Prince              

  16th 19.161                 Susan Swanson on Setem Up Sassy               

  17th 19.531                 Dianne Kugler on Scotches Count               

  18th 20.157                 Wendy Keef on Wrangler (NR)                   

  19th 20.501                 Danielle Snider on Red Money Babe              

N/T    400.000                D'Ann Gehlsen on FL This Kid Rocs             

N/T    415.688                Roma Ward on Famous Cash Advance              

N/T    416.072                Sandy Hickey on Breezin Pretty                

N/T    416.516                Susan Swanson on Ladys Tigeraflame            

N/T    416.897                Maddie Gestenslager on Petes Money Girl       

N/T    416.929                Kloe Sramek on Royal Speed                    

N/T    417.035                Shanan Doherty on Sir Easy Rocket             

N/T    417.042                Brett Borkowski on Frenchmans Moon Dash       

N/T    417.984                Peyton Fisher on Smart Play Mavis             

N/T    418.026                Jenny Johnston on Little Joes Tuff            

N/T    418.237                Carrie Sutton on CEK Red Rocket               

N/T    418.632                Kloe Sramek on Here Comes The Boom            

N/T    419.652                Hadly Ureste on Got Moves Like Jagger